Electronic Locker Solutions and Applications

Versatile and secure electronic lockers, LockUp serves a vast range of personal storage needs. Our most typical installations are for shift employees in shared locker applications. However, LockUp installations have been designed to meet the personal storage needs of many industries and facility types. While the applications are nearly endless, here are our most popular uses by industry:

Retail Stores

  • shift employee shared lockers
  • shopper rental lockers


  • shift employee shared lockers
  • tool storage
  • uniform exchange

Restaurant & Food Service

  • shift employee shared lockers
  • tool and utensil controlled storage
  • diner/guest personal effects storage
  • uniform exchange


  • tool and supply storage at site
  • crew personal effects storage


  • employee assigned lockers
  • controlled product storage


  • professional staff assigned lockers
  • medical and support staff shared lockers
  • in patient/out patient temporary storage
  • uniform exchange
  • lab storage

Consumer Services

  • laundry drop off/pick up
  • food service drop off/pick up
  • secure package delivery
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