Dual Use Electronic Locks for Lockers

Personal Keypad Locker Lock Dual-Use Functionality

LockUp D Locks offer a flexible solution for smaller applications where users may be assigned a locker at some times, but may share lockers at others. LockUp D arrives programmed for assigned use where users are provided a permanent code for their locker. Locks are easily reprogrammed through the keypad changing the function to shared use. In this mode, users enter their own 4-digit code to lock and unlock the locker. Lockers are available for any user when not already occupied.

An optional Manager Key may be used to switch between shared or assigned use functionality. It also overrides existing codes for locker audit and provides external power to the lock. An optional ADA User Key is available for users with limited mobility and/or difficulty using a keypad.

    • Dual function keypad lock for shared and assigned use
    • Solid metal housing
    • Keypad operated
    • Standard body with integrated pull
    • 3/8” solenoid spring bolt
    • Surface mount
    • Tamper guard
    • Lock access with 4-digit user code
    • Powered by 2 premium 9-volt batteries
    • 3-5 year battery life
    • Low battery and binding indicator

    Dual Use Function Documentation

    Product Specifications
    Download PDF

    User Manual
    Download PDF

    Quick Guide
    Download PDF

    Download PDF

    Installation Instructions
    Metal Doors - PDF
    Wood Doors - PDF


    Manager Key

    ADA User Key

    Registers Manager Key provides external power and programming  ADA compliant user key
    • Provides management access
    • Provides external power
    • Up to 20 keys may be registered
      to each lock

    • ADA Compliant User Key
    • Optional
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